Numbered points or lists are set as the number followed by a full stop:

As time went on, Greenslade Creations attracted a wide client base because of Amanda Greenslade’s broad range of skills:

  1. She brings passion and creativity to everything she does.
  2. She communicates well with clients and business partners.
  3. She is a skilled writer and editor.
  4. She uses Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator for graphic design work for print and web.
  5. She has Microsoft Office and is an advanced user of Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
  6. She can build websites with HTML and CSS using Adobe Dreamweaver and content management systems like Joomla!

The first word of each item of a numbered list is to be capitalised unless the list is part of a sentence.

Numbers vs bullets—numbers should be used if a definite number is mentioned or it is an exhaustive list. Bullets are preferable if the number of points is incidental, or the list is not exhaustive.

Read more about the conventions of using full stops on the end of numbered or bulleted lists.

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