Where there is a need to abbreviate words, these are the accepted abbreviations for commonly used words.

Academy Acad.
American Amer.
Bachelor of Science B.Sc.
Either is acceptable, depending upon the country of origin. B.S. is the American abbreviation while B.Sc. applies to Australian, NZ and UK degrees.
Biology Biol.
Bulletin Bull.
Circa (about) c.
Conference Conf.
Evangelical Evang.
Geological Geol.
Geophysical Geophys.
International Int.
Institute Inst.
Journal J.
Molecular Mol.
National Nat.
Physics Phys.
Physiology Physiol.
Proceedings Proc.
Quarterly Quart.
Research Res.
Science Sci.
Society Soc.
Technical Tech.
Versus vs

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